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I was honored to be invited to speak and read at two San Antonio area elementary schools.  On Friday, I visited Glen Oaks Elementary, where I read and spoke to each grade level.  Today, I visited Elrod Elementary and got to visit with the fourth and fifth grades there.

In a typical session, I would read my book, “Skeleton and Ghost,” and then have a period of time afterward to answer questions about my writing and illustration process.  I got lots of great questions, and even some fantastic ideas for sequels.  Special thanks to the two kids who grilled me over paranormal science and the believability of my story framework.

Ultimately, I hope I inspired some of the children to start writing and illustrating their own stories.  I have enjoyed watching Amethyst imitate me while I worked to complete my book, and I believe that many of the children I spoke to could publish their own unique stories someday if they could also manage to catch the writing bug.  There were certainly some wonderfully creative ideas voiced.

I also want to thank two enthusiastically supportive librarians, Linda Moore, and Jennifer Lockard, who have given me a lot of encouragement by bringing me to their schools.

Linda Moore, the librarian at Glen Oaks, has been talking up my book to anyone who will listen, and has been supportive of my efforts from even before the official launch of “Skeleton and Ghost”.

Jennifer Lockard is the librarian at Elrod Elementary.  I’m particularly grateful to her for arranging for me to speak there, even though it was very short notice.

Special thanks also go to Maria Meza, the principal at Glen Oaks, and Mr. Garcia, the principal at Elrod, for allowing me to visit.  Both expressed a keen interest in my book.

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  1. I hope more schools will get to hear this wonderfully sweet and unique story of new friendship. I am looking forward to the next book!

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