The Calm Before the Storm

It’s been relatively uneventful this December.  After a whirlwind October and November, doing everything I could to market my book, I was worn out.  Taking care of my three year old has made getting other things done a challenge, and some needed home repairs have been weighing me.

I’ve struggled to write a Midnight Pickle manuscript that doesn’t turn into a novel, but I’m considering a new approach.  With Skeleton and Ghost, I wrote the manuscript before I did the illustrations, and it worked well.  However, without the lightning strike of inspiration, I have trouble completing a story.  I’m going to try flipping the order and creating the story through illustration.  By doing this, I hope it will keep the resulting manuscript to a manageable length.

On a side note, I recently auditioned for a chance to narrate an audiobook for another author.  There’s a surprising amount of work that goes into audiobook narration recording, and it comes with a pretty steep learning curve, but I find the idea intriguing, and perhaps another way to make some extra money if I can get my product polished.  It need a lot of polishing…

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